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What is spintax/spyntax {|} ?

Last Updated: May 24, 2013 09:27AM PDT
We strongly recommend using spintax {|} for the Bookmark Title and Description fields.


If you don't spin the Title, you'll end up with hundreds or thousands of backlinks to your webpage, all with identical anchor text.  This looks very unnatural to search engines and could cause your rankings to drop.

I'd like an example

This spintax, if used in the Bookmark Title field:
{Dog Training Courses|Dog Training|Dog Training Course}

Will create the following 3 variations Titles (anchor text):
Dog Training Courses
Dog Training
Dog Training Course

Is that it?  Seems simple enough

Heh. We WISH it were that simple. Unfortunately it's not.

The latest research suggests that 50 variations of the Title/anchor text is ideal.  Yes, that sounds like a lot, but it will make your marketing efforts appear more natural.

Try to use:

(1) Your primary keyword
     {dog training courses}

(2) Other relevant long-tail keywords
     {dog training course|dog training}

(3) The above keywords with filler words like “my”, “the”, “best”, “and” added as prefixes, suffixes, and in the middle
     {my |the best |great |interesting |}{dog training {courses|course}|dog training}{| for anyone| for dog lovers}

(4) Generic phrases like “check this out”, “click here”, “great site”, etc.
     {check this out|click here|great site|nice article}

(5) The URL itself (this method is known as creating a “naked link”)

Now, we put it all together...

{{my |the best |great |interesting |}{dog training {courses|course}|dog
training}{| for anyone| for dog lovers}|{check this out|click here|great site|nice

(You've probably noticed we used nested spintax in order to save time and
eliminate redundant words. This is pretty advanced and it may take you some
practice before you can get the hang of it.)

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